A Yearly Celebration of Transportation
Heritage and Community- since 2005
For nearly 150 years, (since 24 December, 1858,
when horse car service to Darby began, streetcars
and trolleys have connected us
all with the wider
world and with each other.

Trolley Mural
Marvil Funeral Home Mural
Fire Company #1 Mural
Main Street, Darby in 1922
Sponsored by Sharon Bank, Darby Library, The Darby Borough
Historical Commission OcTrolleyFest Committee and a number
of area organizations and individuals,
Buttonwood Hotel, 9th and Main, Darby
Yeadon and the Hilldale Giants/Darby Daisies
PCC (Presidential Conference Car)
A Primer on Trolleys
How did trolleys get that name?
The Darby-Yeadon Street Railway Company
Pictures of Darby from 1922
History of Darby Trolleys
Trolley Pictures
Darby Loop
Pumpkin Painting
Thank you
Scarecrow Making
Art Contest
2018 Art Contest