© 2005, J Haigis
(Tune: Polly Wally Doodle)
Oh I went to ride on a PCC
Sing Trolley Wally Doodle all day
Rode from Yeadon to Darby
Sing Trolley Wally Doodle all day
Fare ye well, riding's swell
Sing Trolley Wally Doodle all day
Riding a piece of history
Sing Trolley Wally Doodle all day
(Tune: America)
Oh beautiful bodacious ride
Onboard a pcc
a vintage streamlined trolley car
a part of history
OcTrolleyFest, OcTrolleyFest
We have a chance to ride
And see the sites and have some fun
and do the electric slide
(Tune: I've been working on the railroad)
I've been riding on the trolley
at OcTrolleyFest
I've been learning lots of history
and thinks that it's the best
Can't you see the riders smiling
It's no mystery
The best part of riding on this trolley
Is that the ride is free
At OcTrolleyFest (3x)
The ride is free
At OcTrolleyFest (3x)
The ride is free
(Tune: InlkaDinka Do)
;Dinky dinky do they used to call the 62
Didn't go too far in the little Birney car
Single trucks would roll
up and down the knoll
Dinky dinky do once more
(Tune: I feel pretty)
On the trolley, it's so jolly
Its no folly we're taking a ride
and by golly
Its so nice to be electrified
(Tune Going to Kansas City)
Riding in Darby Borough, on a PCC (2x)
We're riding rails in Darby, riding rails of history
We could take a plane, we could take a car
But with gas so darn expensive we won't get very far
Riding in Darby Borough, on a PCC
We're riding rails in Darby, riding rails of history
(Tune: Happy Trails)
Happy rails to you
WeÂ’re riding once again
Happy rails to you
It's just like way back when
(Tune: Ode to Joy)
When I'm riding on a trolley I'm a part of history
Just like all the people riding for more than a century
Connecting Yeadon and Darby Borough
With Philadelphia's City Hall
Transportation heritage we're celebrating in the fall
(Tune: Love Potion No. 9)
I took my sweetheart down to old Darby
So I could ride upon a PCC
They have a trolley there, oldest you can find
Listen to it rumbling
Love motion on the line
You know the trolley lines are really great
They've been that way since 18-58
At the OcTrolleyFest it didn't cost a dime
Listen to it motion on the line
I climbed up, looked around
and found me a seat
The cream and green color scheme
was really quite neat
I found the whole experience couldn't be beat
I held the rope I rang the bell, it was a treat
I didn't think that I could ride all day
With other riders I was in the way
so I said I thank you, I had a real good time
See you next OcTrolleyFest
Love motion on the line (3X)
(Tune: Deck the Halls)
Come and ride a vintage trolley
Come and celebrate OcTrolleyFest
Mom and dad and your Aunt Polly
Need a little fun and spice and zest
When you're riding on a trolley
All your cares seem far away
From the past and for the future
A relic from the past that works today
(Tune- Alphabet Song)
IABCDEFG  like to ride on a PCC
Riding smoothly on the rails
Like a ship that smoothly sails
Needs to know we want trolleys
(Tune Tea for Two)
Me and you and you and me
are riding on a PCC Pres-i-dential Conference Committee Car
Though it is old it is good transportation
cheaper than autos across the whole nation
Electric, earth-friendly, streamlined and they're fun
(Tune: Star Spangled Banner)
Oh say what you'll see
Aboard a PCC
As so smoothly you glide On the way up to Yeadon
It's electric and fun
and we're glad that it runs
and we'd like to see more
it's a fun way to travel
Philadelphia broad-gauge
can once more be the rage
and as gas prices soar
it's an answer most sage
and light rail one more
may connect our communities
and the travel of the past
can unite us again.
(Tune: Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah)
Grab your boyfriend or your dolly
Come and ride a
Vintage trolley
it is very entertaining
and it gets you there dry shod if it is raining
(Tune: Waltzing Matilda)
Riding a trolley, riding a trolley
You'll come a riding a trolley with me
And we'll glide and we'll slide on a ride that is electrified
You'll come a riding a trolley with me
An old PCC painted like at PTC
dressed in the colors of silver and green
Rumbled as it rolled
thru historic streets of Darby
You'll come a riding a trolley with me
Pumpkin Painting
And inspired by Media, the Row of Trolleys