The Frankford and Southwark Passenger Railway Company was the first street railway
company to be incorporrated in Philadelphia and was chartered April 4, 1854. The second
company to be chartered was the
Philadelphia and Darby Railway Company
chartered on April 28, 1857 .
(Source  "Fifty Years with Passenger Railways of Philadelphia -Semi-Centennial Number)

The West Philadelphia-Darby Railway was the
first to be integrated-
The line to Darby began operating 24 December, 1858
In 1884, Rufus C. Hartranft compiled a "Guide to the City Of Philadelphia"
for the use of members attending that year's  meeting of the American
Association for the Advancement of Science. Under
Phila. Pass. Railway
Companies Specified Routes
it says "Darby Road Branch (blue cars)- from
depot, forty-ninth and Woodland av. via Woodland av. to Chestnut to Walnut
to Twenty-Second, to Chestnut, to Woodland av, to depot. Exchanges
with all cross roads. Red cars from Darby via Woodland av., to Chestnut, to
Thirty-second, returning via the same route. Single fare, six cents,
to Forty-ninth st; to Darby or west of Forty-ninth st., twelve cents."   
PDF File of West Philadelphia-Darby Railway fares from July
1859 - From the Collection of Ed Springer