Greenway along Darby Creek
The Darby Creek is an underappreciated treasure. A greenway is possible along nearly its entire
length.  Christopher Morley called the Darby "a laughing little river that preaches sermons unawares."
A newspaper article from 1910 said Darby Creek is a "beautiful winding stream with pretty
shade trees on either side and scenery unsurpassed in Pennsylvania."  Another article described it
as a "
Hikers Paradise.
Supplee Dam, where the mill race began
Bartram Park- Dedicated May 2003 during the observence
of the 150th anniversary of Darby's Incorporation
Providence Road Bridge
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Pictures of Darby Creek between
Bartream Park and MacDade Avenue
Delaware County Greenway Plan
Darby Creek Valley Association Watershed  Conservation
Pine Street Bridge
(Lower Greenway-Pine Street to Curtis
Singing Indian below the Scott Estate
Lower Greenway- Pine Street to Heinz Refuge