Glass Fiber Optic Chandeler at
Vango's, 18th and Sansom in
Illuminating Darby is the name of an initiative to bring positive light to Darby and surrounding
comunities by a) celebrating and utilizing assets we already have to foster
Economic Development/ and  Heritage Tourism,

b) light  
Darby's 1904 trolley bridge with glass fiber optic lighting and other lighting as a demonstration
project to bring positive attention to the bridge and to Darby itself and have it open for pedestrians.  

c) creatie an
Academy of Building Conservation. where students could have students take academic
courses in the morning and then gain practical experience under skilled craftspeople
in the afternoon. There are many possible models of skills-based eduction to look at including programs in
Philadelphia, PA Lancaster, PA, and Charlesston, SC.    

Your questions and help are welcome
About Glass Fiber Optic Lighting
(Totally different from fiber optic communication)
It has long been known that light bends. In 1880,
William Wheeler patented a system to light a
house by sending light from an arc lamp in the
basement through reflective light pipes....

By sending light from a single source through
light guides, it is possible to get 32 individual
lights from one source without heat (lowering AC
requirements) with lower maintenance costs (only
one bulb to change) and without damaging UV.

When Lucy the Elephant (a National Historic
Landmark in Margate, NJ was undergoing
rrenovations, light was needed that would be
unobtrusive, require minimal penetration of the
plaster walls, be vandal proof, not obstruct the
narrow stairwells, and be energy efficient. Glass
Fiber Optics (GFO) fit the bill
Info about Fiber Optics
The Economics of Historic Preservation by Donovan Rykema-PDF
The March 3 Tour Group at the Springfield Road entrance to the Trolley Bridge showing
1000 Main, Darby Library, and the proposed Meetinghouse Historic District in the distance
"By protecting our historic resources we are honoring the investments of our grandparents.
But at the same time, we are helping create a healthy economy for our grandchildren."
- Donovan Rykema
60 Second YouTube video