Area Attractions and Sites
Eastern Delaware County is blessed by an abundance of historical sites including reminders of the
First Nations, early Swedish settlements, Pennsylvania's first water-driven grist mill,
Underground Railroad activity, above-ground railroad activity and much, much more.
The Swedish Cabin on Darby Creek was built between 1638 and 1655.
Administered by the Friends of the Swedish Cabin, more information can be
White Horse Tavern,  Chester Pike, Prospect Park
Printz's or Old Swedes Mill (1646)
House of Blackbeard's Mistress?, Marcus Hook
Bartrams Garden
Gravesite of William Still
Morton Morton who's got the Morton?
Below. Mortonson House, Norwood, circa 1739
Mortonson Cabin, Prospect Park (AKA Ferry House)
Darby Library
Fort Mifflin
Mount Moriah Cemetery
Sellers Hall
Confederate Graves
Valley House
Window at Colonial Plantation