Old Swedes Mill
Built circa 1645 by Swedish Governor Johan
Printz (who weighed some 400 pounds and
who the Indians called "The Big Tub," the mill at
Mondal (the place of the mill) was "going early
and late" and "ground both coarse and fine
flour" some 36 years before William Penn
reached these shores. The first water powered
mill in Pennsylvania, Delaware or New Jersey,
this spot on the Cobbs Creek next to the
Bell can be said to tbe the "Birthplace of
Pennsylvania Industry"
Square holes in rock are believed to be from the original 1645
Pictures from the collection  of the Mercer Museum
The public is cordially invited to the
Dedication Ceremony for a historical
marker on Satrurday, October 18, 2008 at
4:45 PM
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