Fort Mifflin
Started by the British in 1771, and designed by British engineer John Montresor, the partially
completed Fort Mifflin was taken over by the Americans and fortified prior to 1777. Fort Mifflin and
Fort Mercer across the river at Red Bank guarded the river approaches to Philadelphia and
prevented General Howe's supply ships from coming up river, keeping the British army in Philadelphia
during the occupation and giving Washington's army much needed breathing room prior to the winter
at Valley Forge. The bombardment of Fort Mifflin (directed by the same John Montresor who
designed the fort) began in early October and continued day and night until November 16 when Fort
Mifflin was evacuated.  The subsequent action to clean out Fort Mercer led to the battle at the
Map by Sam Kunsevich
Every year the Olde Fort Mifflin Historical Society commemorates the battle that saved
America .  For more information about the Seige Weekend held in November, contact the
Old Fort Mifflin Historical Society ( ) or call (215) 685-4167