If you live in Aldan, Clifton Heights, Collingdale, Colwyn, Darby Borough, Darby Township, East Landsdowne, Folcroft,
Glenolden, Lansdowne, Millbourne, Sharon Hill, Upper Darby or Yeadon, you were once part of us, or we were part of you, or we
were all in it together (we still are but that's another story.) All of the towns mentioned were once part of Darby Township.
It worked like this
In the beginning, (or at least at the time of the arrival of William Penn in 1682), there were three counties; Bucks, Chester and
Philadelphia. Darby Township was part of Chester County, and the eastern portion of Chester County became Delaware County
in 1789. Out of Darby Township (in Chester County) came Upper Darby in 1786, and out of Upper Darby (in Delaware County)
came Clifton Heights (1885), Lansdowne (1893), Millbourne (1909) and East Lansdowne (1911). In 1893, Aldan township was
formed from part of Darby Township and part of Upper Darby and in that same year, Glenolden was formed out of part of Ridley
Township and part of Darby Township.
Out of Darby Township came Darby Borough (1853), Sharon Hill (1890), Collingdale (1891), Colwyn (1892) Yeadon (1894) and
Folcroft (1922).
So, you were once us, and we were once you and we were once all together.
Just thought you'd like to know.
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