Darby Past
Being a listing and examination of some aspects of
Darby History..
Because History is dynamic, this page shall change
over time and suggestions, additions, and corrections
can be sent
Time Line
Darby Meeting (Established 1682)
Darby Free Library (Founded 1743)
Darby Fire Co. #1 (Founded 1775) (See Mural Below)
Darby transportation in 1837
Swedish Settlements on Darby Creek
John Blunston
Bartrtam's Garden
Old Borough Hall
John Blunston's 1715 protest against
Blue Bell Inn on Cobbs Creek
Darby Trolleys (and how trolleys got
their name)
The Millerites (a small sidelight to
Darby History)
John Woolman
"The Petitioners Are Allowed Freedom
of Conscience" Text of 1673
document involving area residents
Links to Historic
Ashmeads History of Delaware County
Delaware County Historical Society
Darby Burgesses and Mayors,
Mural in Firehouse of Fire Company #1 Founded 1775
painted by Darby resident Giacomo Columbo
Once We Were All Darby
Buttonwood Hotel
Tramps in Darby
1006 Main Street (Circa 1734)
Darby Friends Schoolmasters House
Mt. Zion AME
Atlas Maps Then and Now
Other Area History
1770 Map
Darby and the Underground Railroad
Darby and W.C. Fields
Darby and the Millerites
Darby and the Peaceable Kingdom
Darby and the Liberty Bell
Music to "Darby Ram"
The Minquas Indian Trail
John Bartram
Old Swedes
Delaware County History.com
Archives, maps. tax records and more
Pictures of Darby's 300th Parade in
Legend of the Cobblestones
Little Flower/aka
Scott Estate,
Heights of Darby
Darby 150th Anniversary of Incorporation
Darby blacksmith William Hansel