Raise the Roof
A campaign to raise $ to put a new metal
roof on Old Borough Hall, 44 N. Ninth
Street, Darby
Old Borough Hall-circa 1902 (above)
(Photo from collection of Keith Lockhart)
and today (below)
For information, please call (610) 583-0788
and  join the
Friends of Old Borough Hall,
sponsored by the Friends of the Blue Bell.)
Please Contribute
By Check: made out to "Old Borough Hall" and sent to 1006
Main Street, Darby 19023 or deposited directly in Sharon
Savings Bank. Secure donations may be also made through
Pay Pal  (Friends of the Blue Bell     Call (610) 583-0788 for
more information
Old Borough Hall, 44 N 9th St. Darby  
was built around 1840 and was a school,
jail, police station, and Borough offices.
It can have a new life as a museum of
Darby area history..... It has EPDM
stopping the leaks but needs a new roof
1909 Atlas Map of Darby showing trolleytracks going on to Ninth Street across
from Old Borough Hall
On January 8, 2011, The Friends of Old Borough Hall launched
a "
Raise the Roof" Fundraiser Campaign at Keya Graves
Seafood and Steak. THANK YOU to everyone who helped.  
Despite the snow, it was a lot of fun and we raised over $500.
It is a start.
OBH from SEPTA  Right of Way (see map below)
Darby T-Shirts
(Make great gifts)
(We have more fun in Darby)
Darby History
Why a Metal Roof? Metal roof panels are lighter, more
durable, and the panels can be recycled.
This is the profile of the panels (Grandrib3) being considered
We also have
Available in "Texas Orange" and
"Yellow Haze" (shown)   $12 each
Why a new roof
is necessary.
2nd Floor
celiling damage
Please Help