Historic Trolley Proposal
Reconnection of the Rt. 62 between
Darby and Yeadon
Right of Way from the Darby
Transportation Center at 9th and Main
showing still existing rails and caternary
poles. Below: Old Borough Hall from the
One of Darby's important assets is its trolley
service. At one time, the Rt 62 (Darby Dinky) ran
on a half mile loop between Darby and Yeadon
using a right of way from Main Street (up the hill
then curve onto 9th Street across from Old Borough
Hall) and then to Yeadon. Taken out of service,
now a Rt 13 car can go from Darby to Yeadon and
back to Darby but can not return to Yeadon without
going to the Elmwood Depot. Only at the beginning
and end of the day does the Rt. 13 come to
Darby.The connection betwen Darby and Yeadon
can be reestablished, increasing flexibility of the
SEPTA system, boosting business access to the
new shopping center and Transportation Center,  
and providing a unique tourism opportunty.
1909 Atlas Map donated by Skiles Montague to the  Darby Free Library showing the right-of-way
SEPTA Letter
SEPTA Letter
SEPTA Letter