Valentine Visions Questionnaire Report - March 23, 2005
The Darby Borough Historic Commission decided to conduct an informal, self-selective, anonymous survey among people who
live, work and do business in Darby Borough to begin a dialogue about what folks might like to see happen in the Borough in
the future. To carry out the project, called Valentine Visions for Darby, we placed questionnaires and decorated Valentine Boxes
in various spots around the town prior to February 14 and invited people to pick up and fill out a questionnaire and deposit it in
one of the Valentine boxes or to send it back to us through the mail. We requested that responses be made by March 1, but
because of the snow we left the boxes out for an extended time.
We would like to thank the following for helping us with collection spots: Benett's, Blessed Virgin Mary RC Church, Darby Library,
Harriet's Boutique,
Mt Zion AME Church, and Sharon Savings Bank.
The Valentine Visions questionnaire asked three questions:
Things I like about Darby include.......
Things I am willing to do to help Darby's future include.....
In five years I would like to see Darby........
The first two questions offered answers to check off or not, as well as blanks
 for adding your own reasons or other things you were willing to do.
The third question was completely open ended so that respondents could
finish the sentence in their own words. From the 500 questionnaires we made
available, we received 45 responses, an 8% return which is considered a high response in such surveys. We do not contend
that the survey was highly scientific. It was intended rather as a way for people to send Darby a Valentine of appreciation and to
make known their wishes and concerns for its future.
Here is a sample of what they shared. (Further information can be found on the website The responses
were overwhelmingly positive and reflected a great love and affection for this community and a willingness to become involved to
help make it even better. Many who have been here for a long time expressed their hope to see it come back to its former
standards of cleanliness, good repair, prosperity and increased home ownership. They hoped in five years to see more
businesses in town, including some national ones and especially a supermarket which they miss having nearby. They would
like to see Darby in 5 years as a drug free environment, with more positive things for young people to do, including playgrounds,
after school programs and a recreation center.
Among the things they liked about Darby now were:
Good transportation - 34
Darby Library - 31   
Trolleys - 28  (information)
Family and Friends nearby - 27
Caring people - 23  
My church is here - 22
Convenient close to everything - 20
Good public and parochial schools - 19
Affordable housing - 17
Trees and open space - 17   
Historic feeling /sites/buildings - 16      (information)
Little League - 16
Pleasant views - 15  
Where I was born and raised - 13
Accessible natural areas like DarbyCreek  - 11
Spirited public debate - 9
Sports - 2
Pizza - 1
House with the airplane on it - 1
I know my neighbors - 1
Where my heart is at peace -1
Most importantly, here is what they are willing to do to help Darby's future:

Pick up litter in front of my house - 28
Talk with friends and neighbors about the issues - 23
Patronize local businesses - 20
Help at local events - 20
Agree to disagree, politely - 17
JoinTown Watch - 17
Support Fire, Police and EMT workers - 16
Participate in local organizations - 15
Become active in my child's school - 11
Join the Darby Borough Historical and Preservation Society - 9
Volunteer with the Darby Borough Historical  Commission - 9  
Volunteer at Darby Library - 9  (contact)
Become an ambassador for Darby - 9
Participate in the DarbyCreek Cleanup April 30 - 9Â  
We are pleased to report that the folks who responded are, for the most part, an optimistic bunch who not only see a brighter
future for Darby, but are willing to work to help make it happen. Darby's people are truly one of its greatest resources for a good
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