A part of Darby History recently re-appeared on Ridge Avenue when a sign on a church began
to fall off, revealing the sign that was underneath. SIDMS is the
Societie Italliana di Mutuoso
which can be translated as the Italiian Society for Mutual Aid,
A recently e-mail from James Columbo (whose father Giacomo Columbo painted the
wonderful murals of Darby at
Marvil Funeral Home and Darby Fire Co. No. 1 ) indicated that he
lived at No1  South 14th Street and remembered going to an Itallian social club on Ridge Avenue
between 10th and 11th Street (11th Street became MacDade Blvd after 1929) where his parents
and relatives were members. He recalled that many of the members were "paesani" from the
northern part of Italy and especially Piedmont.
The organization was chartered on September 1, 1926 -entity number 334307 - and dissolved
May 3, 1989.  Its office address was 201 N. MacDade Blvd.
He also thinks at one point the building was Raffael's Bar.

As an aside, Giacomo Columbo arrived in Darby in 1920, moving to 14th Street upon his
marriage in 1935. Painting the murals was his way of "giving back" to his adopted country
and town of Darby.