Dr. William Peirce Painter owned a number of properties in Darby including
1006 Main, 1016 Main, 1121 Main, and 1123-25 Main (Bunting Twin)
Researcher Sheila Jones who is connected with Eden Cemetery provided some
wonderful information about him including a
biography  and a reference to the
Swarthmore collection

Dr. Painter served on Darby Council and was connected with the Society of
Friends, Jefferson Medical College, the Republican Party, Abolition, the School
Board and several banks.  He is also said to have been a great friend of
Matthey Baird of the Baldwin Locomotive Woks and "a help to many yong men
making a start in life"  

These are some of the properties we think were owned by Dr. Painter
1006 Main
1123-1125 Main
1121 Main
1016 Main