1000 Main, Circa 1852. Center hall mortise and tenon  timber frame structure with
rounded windows on the gable ends. Possibly inspired by the pattern book of architect
Andrew Jackson Downing
1001 Main.(Darby Library) established 1743, building 1872. America's oldest public library
1006 Main, circa 1734, side-gabled fieldstone house saiid to have been built for Darby founder John
Blunston's grand daughter Sarah Fearne. Owned by C.C. Sellers in the 19th century
, then by
abolitionist Passmore Willliamson,
and now currently a private home.
1016 Main (Airplane House) Designed by woman architect Minerva Parker Nichols circa 1870 and
ored by Skiles Montague, the airplane is a Link Trainer flight simulator
1017 Main, Darby Friends Meetinghouse.(Quaker). Still in active use. The meetinghouse
was built in 1805 and is the third meetinghouse used by Darby Friends.
1019 Main - Schoolmasters House. Built circa 1750 and on the property when purchased by Darby
Friends Meeting in 1790, the house was used as the schoolmasters house
Map of Proposed Meetinghouse Historic District
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