Can conflict be creative?
It certainly gets us going
When the other side is clearly wrong
Their not knowing may be showing

Although we often don’t agree
We still need to get along
Could it be by listening
We could learn a different song?

The first step is to be very clear
About the issue in dispute
What it is we’re looking for?
An apology or loot?

Perhaps a combination
Would help to make things right
Our feelings often get mixed in
After all, we’re in a fight

What’s the other person’s story?
Is there any common ground?
Has the feud been going for some time?
Is this just the latest round?

Sometimes we like the fighting
And don’t want the fight to end
Especially if the fight is with
Someone once a friend

We like our fights, and often times
They give identity
At least we know we're not like them
"I'm not like them, I'm me"

Like Groundhog Day we find we’re in
A retribution loop
Around and around we know we’re right
But still we’re in the soup

Is there an alternative
Where both of us can win?
Indeed there is, so let me know
If you’re ready to begin.
"Opinions" video
The words "Conflict" and "Creative" are seldom heard together
but creative conflict may be an opportunity to understand, get what we need, and move on  
Restorative Justice
Restorative Justice, Lesson 1