Benefits of Historic Designation:
1) Recognition that a particular property is of significance to
the nation, the state, or the community
2)Consideration in the planning for federally funded projects
3)Eligibility for federal tax benefits
4)Qualification for federal assistance for historic
preservation when funds are available
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Procedure for nomination (Paraphrased by John Haigis and  errors and ommissions are his
and deeply regretted- Additional (and correct) information can be found on the web site of the
Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission -See link below.)

Anyone can prepare a nomination to the National Register which is sent to the State
Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) for review. During the review process, ,
property owners and local officials are informed of the intent to nominate, and public
comment is sought. If the property owner (or in the case of a historic district, the
majority of property owners) agree, the SHPO can forward the nomination to the
National Park Service for their review and additional public comment before actual
listing on the National Register.
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Criteria for nomination-Frequently asked questions
Secretary of the Interior Standards
Darby has a number of properties that are on the National Register including
Darby Friends Meeting House,the Darby Friends Burial Ground, and the
Boon Railroad Tunnel. Darby also has a large number of properties that would
be eligible for inclusion on the National Register and several possible Historic
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1016 Main
Mt. Zion AME
Blessed Virgin Mary
1205 Main