The Darby Hilldales (also known as the
Darby Giants and the Darby Daisys), were
started by Postal Worker Ed Bolden in
1910 and managed by Lloyd Thompson.
They won the Negro Baseball League
World Series in 1925 and were noted for
"fair play and clean dealing." There are 6
Hilldale players in the Coooperstown
Baseball Hall of Fame
1955 Article about the Hilldales
Letter from Lloyd Thompson
Map of Hilldale Park, Home to the Hilldales on land that once was part of the estate of
Matthew Baird.  Note the trolley tracks on Chester that brought people to the games, and that
Bunting is now MacDade Blvd
Ticket from the collection of John Bossong
Left: Photo of Ed Bolden

Below: Map showing Baird property. Charles
Baird was the son of Matthew Baird