Things I like about Darby Include....
(Mark those that apply....most important #1 and so on)
___ Pleasant views
___ Accessible natural areas like Darby Creek
___ Convenient, close to everything
___ Good transportation
___ Caring people
___ Historic feeling/sites/buildings
___ Family and friends nearby
___ Darby Library
___ Affordable housing
___ Good public and parochial schools
___ My Church is here
___ Spirited public debate
___ Where I was born and raised
___ Little League
___ Trees and open space
___ Trolleys
__ ______________________________
__ ______________________________
Complete the sentence
In five years I would like to see Darby.......
Things I am willing to do to help Darby's Future Include....
___ Attend Council and School Board meetings
___ Participate in local organizations
___ Talk with friends and neighbors about the issues
___ Help at local events
___ Pick up litter in front of the house
___ Join the Darby Borough Historical and
Preservation Society
___ Volunteer at the Darby Library
___ Become active in my child's school
___ Agree to disagree, politely
___ Become an ambassador for Darby
___ Patronize local businesses
___ Participate in the Darby Creek Clean-up, April 30
___ Support Fire, Police and EMT companies
___ Join Town-Watch
___ Volunteer to help with the Tree Inventory
___ Volunteer with the Historic Commission
Results will be posted on the web site
(If you don't have access to the internet,
Darby Library can help you log on).
If you would like to learn how you can help
create a better future for Darby,
Log on to
and click on "Darby Visions"
Please take this survey so we can find
Darby's Heart and Soul. Please print
out this page and return by March 1 to
Darby Visions, 1006 Main Street,
Darby, PA 19023 or scan and e-mail

Any questions, please call (610)
593-0788  Thank you