John Pierre Burr
Barbershop: Reckoning With The History Of Slavery

Aaron Burr, the Vice President best known for shooting Alexander Hamilton, had a secret biracial

Aaron Burr, the US vice president who shot dead Alexander Hamilton in a duel, had children of color
with an Indian servant
and one went on to be an abolitionist and was buried in an unmarked grave near Philadelphia  
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Aaron Burr, vice-president who killed Hamilton, had children of color  Amanda Holpuch  Last
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Headstone placed in Eden Cemetery for Aaron Burr's son

New Research: Aaron Burr, third VP and Hamilton's killer, had a secret family of color __ The
Washington Post

Aaron Burr – villain of ‘Hamilton’ – had a secret family of color, new research shows

155 Years After His Death, Abolitionist John Pierre Burr’s Epitaph Updated to Include His Father,
Aaron Burr
Misplaced in history but recently
Jean Pierre Burr was
the son of Aaron Burr as well as an
abolitionist, barber, father, organizer of
the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society
with Lucretia Mott, William Still and
others, a founder of the Demosthenian
Institute of Philadelphia helping young
black men in their early 20s to prepare
for public speaking, and signer of
Frederick Douglas' "Men of Color to
Arms" poster for recruiting during the
Civil War. (copy below)
Photo of Burr
descendant Sherri
Burr with monument
-Photo by Max
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