1000 Main Street
1000 Main Street, next to 1006 Main, was built in the 1850's of Board and Batten siding
and  stout timber. Oral tradition claims the building was part of the Underground Railroad
and research is continuing for documentation. A Historic Assessment was prepared in 2001
and released in 2002.  It is the planned home for the
Academy of Building Conservation
1000 Main (with red shutters) and Darby
Library viewed from 10th Street
1904 Trolley Bridge with school buses (now moved),
1000 Main and
Darby Library in the background distance
1000 Main from South East
Note the third story cathedral type windows
Boot Scraper
Possible Restored appearance (From North
1006 Main)
Flagstone and masonry
porch on the south side.
Potential thermal mass
for solar applications
Interior Timber Frame Detail (Note wooden "trunnels")
Here I Stand- I am 1000 Main
YouTube piece- I Am 1000 Main
KS & K Report
Spivey Assessment
Draft National Register Nomination